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I probably get more questions about round bottom bottles than just about any other old bottle because of the unique shape.

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” I explained to Max that this yearning for sharing quality time is a universal because it reflects close companionship. It’s especially vital for older folks who must move at a slower pace and have the opportunity to savour shared quality time. I want the companionship of a woman who can ride her bike with me at least for two hours into the country and pitch a tent an enjoy the peace and quiet of the bush”.Where Max wanted active companionship, John was different. Trust is an essential ingredient of companionship and trust is essential for good sex.For a person to be friends with another, he says, ‘it is necessary that [they] bear good will to each other and wish good things for each other, without this escaping their notice’.A person may bear good will to another for one of three reasons, that he is good (that is, rational and virtuous), that he is pleasant, or that he is useful.The second thing is to cuddle up on a couch and watch TV.Why can’t they think of something more interesting? “At 68, I can keep up with the 40 year olds when we cycle round the bay on Sunday mornings.

In Plato’s , Socrates says that he should ‘greatly prefer a real friend to all the gold of Darius’, thereby signifying not only that he places friendship on the same high pedestal as philosophy, to which he has devoted (and will sacrifice) his life, but also that the kind of friendship which he has in mind is so rare and uncommon that even he does not possess it.

I want a word like partner, but for describing what we usually call girlfriend/boyfriend.

I tried a few versions on different people, all of whom of course didn’t know the expression but could sometimes guess my intentions.

I can't help but look back at my past and analyze that there's no real big surprise that I ended up on the path that I'm on.

I had a very brief window (9-12 months) of wanting to have children and I was dating someone at the time that didn't want to have anymore children. Another major difference to me would be in the way sexuality is expressed & experienced.