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Problem updating itunes on windows 7

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Uninstalling and reinstalling following Apple's instructions (removing each component in order) doesn't help.Running the diagnostics results in a report saying that it can connect to every server it needs to, but that it's not enabled in Windows Firewall.On the main interface, please click "Fix All i Tunes Issues" to continue.Click Repair i Tunes to start repair i Tunes drivers.It'll take a few minutes to download i Tunes drivers and repair the i Tunes issues. He updated i Tunes on it yesterday, and he says this latest version just doesn't open and only brings up an error message. I only use a Mac now, so can't test it myself, so I just wondered if any i Tunes and Windows users have had the same problem with this latest version.It is free but is powerful enough to fix all i Tunes sync problems and errors by simple steps.

In order to make the experience smoother Apple has released an i Tunes update.I'm consistently having problems connecting to the i Tunes store on Win7 x64.The problem appears to develop when I upgrade to a new version; connecting to the i Tunes Store (other than, oddly, checking for app updates) results in the bar filling up to about one third/half, stopping there, and a few minutes later delivering a smattering of unskinned HTML and text boxes.Keep getting an error message before install which says "Apple application support not found. However the second install gives me the same message, I just can't install i Tunes on computer""Am trying to install itunes on my home computer windows 7 and am getting an error message that says Apple Application Support not found, error 2.Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and get same error message. Error 2 or Error 7 after installing i Tunes i Tunes Launch Error Caused by QTMovie i Ad Error Apple Application Support was not found. Your Windows computer should be run the latest Service Pack.However, completely uninstalling i Tunes, then installing the new one from scratch, made this work without any error messages. Here's a link to the discussion about it, if you want to read more. I have the latest version of i Tunes for Windows.