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, in which she criticizes the modern feminist movement for what she views as an overemphasis on the opinions of educated white women, and puts forth an argument that “women can never be truly free until they let men too be free.” Since the 1990s, when Paglia famously criticized feminist responses to date-rape by arguing that “feminists have told young women that before they have sex with a man, they must give consent as explicit as a legal contract’s,” Paglia has been no stranger to controversy.

The internet was supposed to revolutionize feminism.They didn’t have a strong male role model growing up. Just like women deal with slut shame, men deal with predator shame.It’s the idea that pursuing a woman romantically is somehow wrong.I watched a reporter on CNN state that 50% of college men would rape women if they had the chance, while claiming she “forgot the source”.And girls give their guy friends dating advice like, “Women don’t want guys approaching them in public.This is so deeply ingrained that some men can’t introduce themselves to women. Hell, they won’t even make eye contact with someone they like. It doesn’t help that their worries are now being reinforced in adulthood.